Vikas is a good guy. You want to be his friend. He can be found composing and recording music for Canadian and Bollywood movies and artists, producing kickass music shows, receiving awards and eating samosas. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch him doing them all at once.


When she’s not playing various instruments and staying active, Janita is our Program Manager. Janita holds a B.A. in Music Administrative Studies from Western University where she focused on music history, production and business, and recently finished the Arts Administration and Cultural Management Graduate Certificate program at Humber College.


Sari, true to her BMM alter-ego, is both tough and fearless. Fluent in music promotion, technical production and more, you’d want her on your side if you ever find yourself in a dance battle. If the music is good, you dance…and if your opponent’s music is off, you win!


Wrathchild Fil is always up for an adventure and can be found rocking to sports and event photography in the Toronto area. Much like his MRO alter ego Eddie, Fil is a nomad and a trooper who you can count on to take the videos you’ll remember tomorrow. Fil isn’t afraid to shoot strangers, so if you’re camera shy, you should be quick and run to the hills!


Marisol Fornoni is an energetic fundraiser. She has extensive experience helping small startups and grassroots organizations develop sound fundraising strategies. She has worked with several local community organizations, from women’s shelters to community arts organizations. Her areas of expertise include prospect research, grant prep, constituency cultivation and online giving. Marisol is excited to be part of such a committed, daring and creative team.


Amadeo Ventura is an expert when it comes to with project planning, outreach, and fundraising in the non-profit arts sector. As a development specialist, he has been involved with multiple festivals, post-secondary institutions and charities. As a musician, he has collaborated with Jane Bunnett, Jerry Gonzalez, Pancho Quinto, and Sierra Maestra to name a few. Amadeo strongly believes that music, and the arts in general, bring a community together to create dialogue and long lasting relationships.



Brandon really is as fascinating a person as his BMM alter-ego suggests. This is the man behind the narration in the #BollywoodMonster Mashup PSA! With that kind of larger-than-life voice, it’s hard not to listen to him. And based on his musical expertise, you’d be missing out if you tried anyways.



Kamdar is the powerful force behind all the food, clothing and jewelry at BMM! He is responsible for the overall management and coordination of all vending operations at #BollywoodMonster Mashup. Be sure to say hello and tell him who your favourite vendor is if you see him at the event – he’s not nearly as intimidating as his alter-ego implies!


While the nickname “Fang” may sound somewhat intimidating, Yifang herself is not. If you’re trying to find her, the first place you should look is the library. Yifang’s interests include drawing, writing, studying immunology, and reading! She enjoys everything from J. K. Rowling to Shakespeare and has a soft spot for both Macbeth and Hamlet.


When she’s not doing yoga or going to concerts, Cassandra is one of our PR and Marketing Assistants. Her obsession with live music combined with her workaholic ways has resulted in a wide range of experience in the arts. Cassandra has worked at festivals like WayHome, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Field Trip, Toronto Urban Roots Festival, Supercrawl, and more. She is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies at York University.


When she’s not driving to Tim Hortons or desperately attempting to learn the ukulele, Chantal is one of our Social Media Assistants. She’s entering her second year in Media, Information, and Technoculture at Western University and hopes to one day own a super artsy coffee shop in Toronto and Montreal all while pursuing a career in creative advertising and/or digital communication. She also loves pugs.


When she is not binge watching different TV shows, Zoya is one of our Social Media Assistants. She is currently in her Third year at Western University , studying Media, Information & Technoculture. Her favourite mantra she lives by is: never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing in the game.


Jhungho is one of our amazing Web Developers at MonstrARTity. He is obsessed with preciseness and conciseness and believes detail is everything. As a Computer Science Major at York University, John makes apps and games in his spare time, and also takes piano to the next level.


Jay is the other half of our Web Developer team at MonstrARTity. Currently entering his third year as a Computer Science and Statistics Major at the University of Toronto, you can find him at various hip hop concerts and standing out at Jurassic Park to support the Toronto Raptors.



When she’s not dancing to Bollywood music, Manushi is one of our Graphic Design Assistants. She’s currently finishing a degree in Graphic Design at York University, and aspires to become an art director. In her spare time, she likes shopping through the aisles of Forever21 and Zara.


When he’s not spending hours at the butterfly conservatory. Mose is one of our Graphic Design Assistants and is currently pursuing a degree from OCAD University in Visual and Critical Studies. He draws inspiration from nature, vintage materials, graffiti, and the culture of Thunder Bay where he lived most of his life. In his spare time, you can find him at various Aviaries.


Carly is currently studying Drama – Technical Production at The Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University. She loves to paint, play guitar and participate in culture! She’s not an actor herself, but loves to be involved in creating amazing theatre and art for others. In her spare time, you can find her driving with the music blasting and window shopping in downtown Toronto.



Remember how good you felt when you went to see your favourite artist for the first time? Aida just wants to create events that revive that feeling in you. Her past experiences include a position as the Programming and Creative Coordinator for the Mississauga Arts Council and as our Graphic Design Assistant in 2016. She devotes nearly all of her leisure time to being active and/or eating.



When she’s not raiding the pantry for food, Ivana is one of our Volunteer and Outreach Assistants. She is pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the University of Toronto. Her interest in Bollywood music developed as a result of the festival, but she would happily dance to any type of music.


When she’s not indulging in the latest food trends or rewatching episodes of Friends, Mary is the other half of the Volunteers and Outreach Assistants team. She graduated from Ryerson University’s Media Production program and will be attending Seneca College’s Post-Graduate Documentary Production program.


Originally from Belleville Ontario, Charlie is one of our Videography Assistants. He recently graduated from Loyalist College for photojournalism. In his spare time he enjoys skateboarding and spending time with his dog Gaby.


When he’s not creating interesting and meaningful stories that are also visually captivating. Jonathan is one of our Videography Assistants. A recent graduate from Humber College’s Film and Television Production program, Jonathan has been a Director and Cinematographer for several short films and documentaries.


When she’s not singing or obsessing over choral music, Emily is one of our Music Engraver Assistants. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, and aspires to become a choral conductor and arranger. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Animal Crossing.


A traditional romantic at heart, Brenda is sure that her passion for life and music must have been ripped straight from the 1800’s. She’s pursuing a degree in Music Composition at the University of Western Ontario, with as much Computer Science as she can cram into her schedule. She is the other half of the Music Engraver Assistant team, and is ecstatic to be arranging the music that will make the performances magical.

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